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Daily Schedule

Kindergarten Daily Schedule 2016-17

7:45-8:00     Arrive to Class, Turn in folder, hang up backpack, morning work/Math warm-up, restroom break

8:10-8:20      Attendance, Pledges, Moment of Silence, Lunch count (Social Studies – classroom rules & pledges) 

8:20-8:30     Morning Meeting- Morning Message, Alphabet song, Rhymes/Poems

8:30-8:45     Phonics- Phonics Letter Book and lesson

8:45-8:55     Read Aloud Story/Shared Reading

8:55-9:05     ELAR: Daily 5 (Read to self)/ Guided Reading Group 

9:10-10:10     ELAR: Daily 5 (Read to Someone, Listen to Reading, Word Work, Work on Writing) and RTI time (Guided Reading groups, small group teaching, individual conferences, literacy activities, Speech, GT, Literacy Tutoring)

10:10-10:25   Writer’s Workshop (if time allows after Daily 5, still building stamina to work towards doing this everyday)

10:25-10:40  Restroom Break before lunch

10:45-11:15   K Lunch (Hudson & Crook); 10:55-11:25 (Pritchard & Brightwell)

11:15-11:45    Recess (Hudson & Crook);  11:25-11:55 (Pritchard & Brightwell)

11:45-12:00   Restroom (as needed); Listen To Reading (Magic Tree House/Junie B. Jones)

12:00-12:15   Math Meeting- Calendar Time, Weather, Counting, Birthdays, Days of Week & Months of Year songs, Question of Day/graph

12:15-12:45   Math Time (Lesson/Activities)

12:45-12:55  Transition time, change shoes for PE; Activity Songs

12:55-1:10     Read Aloud

1:15-2:15      Fine Arts (PE/Computer/Music/Guidance); Teacher Conference

Mon & Wed-PE/Music; Tues-PE/Computer; Thurs-PE/Library;

Fri-PE/Library and PE/Computer (rotates)

2:15-2:30      Restroom Break/drink of water      

2:30-2:45     Snack Time

2:45-3:10      Science/Social Studies Time

3:10-3:20      Clean up, Pass out folders, pack up, stack chairs (Walkers get picked up.)

3:20   Line up to transition to cafeteria

3:30   Load in cars