Gerard Elementary School

Bond 2018
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Whole Group Guidance Curriculum 2017-2018
Week 1: Intro/Getting to know each other/team building/self-acceptance
Week 2: Getting to know each other/team building/self-acceptance part 2
Week 3: Getting to know each other/team building/self-acceptance part 3
Week 4: Patriot Day/Patriotism
Week 5: Constitution Day/Patriotism
Week 6: Constitution Day part 2/Citizenship(K-3)
Week 7: Fire Safety/Prevention Awareness
Week 8: Cyberbullying Awareness/Internet & Online Safety
Week 9: Bullying Awareness/Internet & Online Safety part 2
Week 10: Drug Awareness
Week 11: Bullying Awareness part 2/Bullying Awareness(K-3)
Week 12: Veterans Day/Caring: Help Others In Need
Week 13: Citizenship part(4-5)/Caring: Showing Care For Others
2nd Semester
Week 19: Citizenship part 2(4-5)/Caring: Forgiveness(K-3)
Week 20: Citizenship part 3(4-5)/Caring: Catch Up/Conclusion(K-3)
Week 21: Respect(Overview)(4-5)/Responsibility Do What Suppose To Do & Doing Your Best(2-3)/Following Rules & Directions(K-1)  
Week 22: Respect(Overview)(4-5) part 2/Responsibility Perseverance(grit):Keep On Trying(2-3), Doing Your Best(job/task)(K-1)
Week 23: Respect:Tolerance/Cliques(4-5)/Responsibility Accepting Responsibility for Choices/Actions(K-3)
Week 24: Respect: Tolerance/Cliques(4-5) part 2/Responsibility Think Before You Act(Decision Making)(K-3)
Week 26: Smith Choice Sheets(5)/Safety Patrol(3-4)/Responsibility Think Before You Act(Decision Making)(K-3) part 2
Week 27: Respect: Tolerance/Cliques(4-5) part 3/Responsibility Self-Control and Self-Discilpine(K-3)
Guidance Guidelines
1. Be Responsible
2. Be Respectful
3. Be Safe

Guidance Rules
1. Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.
2. Follow the counselor's instructions.
3. Speak kindly to others.
4. Raise hand and wait for permission to speak.