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My students have access to a great resource called Learning Ally. Learning Ally is a database of over 80,000 audiobooks. Your child can enjoy these audiobooks at no cost to you. Your child's log in information went home on an orange note along with their last report card. If you need another copy please let me know. Many AR books as well as class novels are available on Learning Ally.

A link for Learning Ally can be found under my links tab. I have also included a link below. If you have any questions, or are having difficulty using Learning Ally please call me. I would be happy to meet with you and walk through all of the features.

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Reading with Audio Books

Learn about the benefits of reading with audiobooks. In addition to all of the great resources listed in the article, students in my class have access to Learning Ally. Learning Ally is an expansive database of audiobooks. Please email or call me for your student's login information.
Happy Reading! - Mrs. Moring

Reluctant Reader?

     Have you heard about Branches books by Scholastic? These books help students bridge the gap between leveled readers and chapter books. These are great chapter books for students that may not have the confidence to choose a longer book own their own. They are also great for readers as they work to increase their fluency by finding a good fit book. The books are filled with illustrations to keep readers engaged and increase comprehension. There are several series in this line. This offers a built-in incentive for readers. Children enjoy reading more about the characters they already know and love. Our library has many of these books ready to check out. Click on the link below to find out more about these books. 
The website also has downloadable after reading guides to monitor your child's comprehension. I have several students that have discovered a series in this line and are eagerly awaiting the next book! I hope you and your child enjoy them too. Happy reading!
If you have any questions, email me at .

Nessy Reading and Spelling

Students in my classes are part of a pilot of the Nessy Reading and Spelling software. Each student was able to create a monkey avatar as they logged on for the first time. As one of the activities, students take the Nessy challenge. Based on performance during the challenge, individual learning targets are set. Activities and lessons are customized to student learning targets.
If you would like your child to access this program at home please click on the Nessy link below. Your child will need the secret word. I will be sending the secret word home with your child this week. If you need help logging in, please email or call me at 817-202-2130.

Open and Closed Syllables

One of the first concepts we teach students in MTA class is the concept of open and closed syllables. An open syllable ends with a vowel while a closed syllable ends with a consonant. The vowel in an open syllable will be pronounced as a long vowel. The vowel in a closed syllable will be pronounced with it's short sound. Ask your child if they can teach you the difference between open and closed syllables.
Click the link to watch a short explanation of this concept:

Welcome Back!

I am so excited to start the new school year! I can't wait to hear about all of your summer adventures. See you next week!