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E-mail our safety patrol sponsor, Mr. Gabrielson

Hello parents and students,
     Safety patrol is an excellent opportunity for students to be actively involved at Gerard.  Safety patrol members are trustworthy and responsible 4th and 5th grade students that provide student escort and extra watch during pick-up times. 

Furthermore, safety patrol members exhibit good etiquette toward all students, staff, and parents.  They pride themselves on being great models for other students to look up to in behavior and hard work.      

Safety patrol members are required to know what weeks they work, are on time, and are responsible for finding a substitute when absent just like in the “real world.”  They maintain good conduct (E's or S's).  They strive to make A's and B's on their report cards, have excellent attendance, and turn school work in on time.      

So if this sounds like you and you feel like you meet these requirements, please fill out a Safety Patrol Parent Form on this website and turn it in to your teacher or Mr. Gabrielson