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Educational Websites for Learning from Home!

Focusing on Reading and English Language Arts 

Accelerated Reader Book Finder Website, Type in the name of a book to find it's quiz number, reading level, and AR points available. 

Early Childhood

Alphabet and Early Reading

Theo's Puzzles 
Students pick a letter and put together a puzzle presenting that letter. When the puzzle is complete, a video of that letter and words that start with that letter is shown.

Word World from PBS Kids 
Students play various games in which the letters make words in the shape of the item. In one activity they must listen to instrument sounds and identify the instrument. Then they must match the letters to the name of the instrument. The letters then form to create the shape of the instruments. Another activity is finding items in the dog's house 

Word Magnet 
Use the phonics and sight words to make sentences. See how many sentences you can make about each picture. Group according to short and long vowel sounds.

Primary Grades

English Language Arts 
Kerpoof, Spell a Picture
Click on Spell a Picture. Look through the categories for a background that is related to your topic of interest. Students play a hangman-like game to find words in the background picture.
Proofreading Makes Perfect from Harcourt School

Upper Elementary 

Sprat's Adventures from BBC
This is a three part adventure in which Digger and his gang must solve the mystery of the stolen statue. Start at Part 1. When finished with Part 1, click on the Thieves. Students must use different reading skills to solve the mystery. Part 1 - comprehension, inferring, sequencing. Part 2 - idioms, inferences, sequencing. Part 3 - Greek and Latin prefixes and summary.

Book Talks, Discussion Guides, and Video BookTalks
This site offers book talks, discussion guides, and video book talks for Scholastic books