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Take Part of Bright Bytes Survey, Parent and Student Links

Cleburne ISD is partnering with BrightBytes, an educational software company, in order to learn more about our students’ school and home technology use for learning. The information gathered helps us to make improvements to our District Technology Plan, apply for grants, and create opportunities for our students. For that reason, we are reaching out to ask you to take part in the Clarity questionnaire. Your participation is essential in helping us form a more complete picture of technology use for learning in your students’ lives. Please know that all of your responses will remain anonymous to protect your privacy.

Please follow the link below to take this brief survey about technology use, and thank you for your continued support. the survey should take less than 10 minutes.

We’d also like our students to have an opportunity to take the survey. The student link is below. If your student has already filled out the survey at school, there’s no need for them to do it a second time.

Por favor complete la encuesta de tecnología para esta escuela. Si tiene hijos en otros campus, por favor complete la encuesta para cada campus. La encuesta se encuentra en la sección Boletín de cada sitio web del campus. Haga clic en la opción de idioma superior derecho para seleccionar la versión en español. Agradecemos sus comentarios.


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